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The Drive Behind Disabilty Golf...

The Cairns Cup

Disability Golf’s Premier Match Play Event

British Inclusive Golf founder member of The Cairns Cup – Europe v USA


….from personal experience, we are aware how important that golf can be in aiding the recovery and continued theraputic well being of individuals with life changing disabilities.


….like any charitable organisation we are reliant on funds generatedto achieve our aims and goals. To help people with a disability achieve a fulfilling a life as possible and practical.


….we pride ourselves on trying to show that a disability need never mean an inability. We aim to cover any disability and introduce the individual to the benefits of golf.

What We Believe In…

British Inclusive Golf believes that participating in golf helps in rehabilitation, aids recovery and promotes wellbeing. It also helps people communicate by talking to like minded people and sharing experiences to improve their lives. it helps stop isolation by having a golf community that is available all year round.

Social Inclusion through sport…

Many people when life changing events happen go into isolation. We through experience of our members know that golf brings inclusion and socialisation which improves wellbeing.


Golf is theraputic both physical & mentally. No matter what your disability golf can be played with the many adaptations available. It also aids recovery thats been proven with the number of disabled golfers now playing the game.


With the variaty of disabilities our members have there’s always someone who will listen if needed… And give advice if necessary.

Having fun…

Our emphasis is always on FUN!!!! Yes we are also competitive but no matter what, we try to ensure that any type of golf we organise or are involved in is very enjoyable.

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Taster & Support Sessions

Chairman Ian Halliwell & Trustees have promised in the future the organisation will endeavour to work at getting more young adults with mental & physical disabilities taking part in Pan Disability Golf. Work is on going with various golf clubs & professionals in area’s throughout the UK to get these sessions going whilst identifying groups & organisations that would benefit from the program. The Charity also supports individuals to play golf by introducing them to the many disablility groups in the UK and golf clubs that are disability friendly, plus inviting individuals to represent the charity at the many invitational events organised thoughout the year.

More About Us

The Charity is working with disability groups & organisations introducing them to golf clubs and their professionals who will then run regular sessions taking them hopefully through a program of sessions leading to joining in Pan Disability Golf & joining a golf club.


The charity are working on getting members who live close together playing more golf in open competitions, and looking at funding for continued lessons with local professionals.

Disabled Golfer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some of those that we’ve helped say…

On the 31st of October 2015 I had an accident on my motorbike which resulted in my pelvis being smashed and my left leg having a through knee amputation. I was a keen golfer before I lost my leg and I felt that this was going to be a very difficult time for me, luckily, I found that I could still play golf through several different disabled organisations which allowed me to play in competitions. One being the Scottish disabled open, during this event I met for the first time Ian Halliwell who introduced me to the organisation British inclusive golf this was a pivotal moment in my recovery. Ian was a very inspirational character as were the people I would go on to meet from the charity. They showed me that there was no room for discrimination in a game and that everyone was welcome to play they are truly inspiring people. BIG have supported me in many competitions this culminated this year when I was chosen to represent Europe in a disabled Ryder Cup style event called the phoenix cup in conjunction with the SDGC another organisation who believe in total inclusivity, I can’t thank BIG enough for helping me through the most difficult times of my life.If there is anyone out there struggling with a disability or any mental or physical condition. B.I.G can help and support you. Many, many thanks for helping to shape my new life.

Mike Jones
8 Handicapper
Disability – Amputee

People with Asperger’s syndrome see, hear and feel the world differently to other people. If you have Asperger’s syndrome, you have it for life – it is not an illness or disease and cannot be cured. In particular, understanding and relating to other people, and taking part in everyday life, can be harder. Often, joining a club in order to socialise or to engage in a sport can become difficult and is totally reliant on the support offered by the organisers and indeed its membership. For Joseph, British Inclusive Golf has given 100% commitment in offering their support, constantly working with him to understand his needs both on and off the golf course. This has provided Joseph with a safe and relaxed environment where the entire membership accepts Joseph for his ability not his disability. In addition this has helped him forge friendships and improve his social skills and he is proud to be a part of the B.I.G. family.

John Vanaman Father

Joseph Vanaman
7 Handicapper
Diasbility – Asperger’s syndrome

As a 12-year-old golfer junior golfer with Autism, we knew nothing about disabled golf or even its existence. His association with disabled golf would change his life. British Inclusive Golf was a major part of that change.
Through his association with BIG he has represented his country, he has won individual trophies in inclusive golf competitions. Taken part in matches representing B.I.G against golf union junior teams. He became first disabled junior golfer to ever represent a district team in the Yorkshire Golf Union. In his his third year in the team, made history with the team winning their first ever inter district trophy. His selection in this team was all because of his involvement with BIG. The first step to gaining his undisputable confidence was his inclusion with BIG. The opportunities he had and his acceptance by BIG trustees and members had a huge influence on his social development.

Peter Eccles Father

Lewis Eccles
2 Handicapper
Diasbility – Autism


Eddie Polland


Ian W Halliwell


Cerise Booth


Kevin Booth